My Son Sanctuary

Discover the beauty of tourism My Son Da Nang is one of the exciting journey, many visitors love. With the mysterious ancient beauty, My Son Holyland annually welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to visit. My Son is an ancient temple ruins, which was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1999. If you are planning to visit the Temple of My Son tower to Da Nang, please Follow the article below of Viet Fun Travel to get more information about the tourist needed most.

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My Son Sanctuary view from above

Historical relics of My Son Holy Land

My Son is one of the architectural works built and the 4th century. Throughout the development period, this place has been expanded and added many large towers. Famous as the main relic of Cham culture in Vietnam, My Son Holy Land is where visitors turn back time to the past. This place is a Hindu holy place of the Kingdom of Champa. My Son is the only point of Cham Pa art has the most continuous development from the 7th century to the 13th century. This is a special tourist destination Da Nang that visitors should one visits.


Previously, according to the traditional rituals of each king after the throne, they had to go to My Son to do the holy sacrifices, offer sacrifices and focus on building temples. In addition to the function of ceremony, My Son Holy Land is also the burial place of the powerful kings and monks. After the collapse of Champa kingdom, My Son Sanctuary has sunk into oblivion for centuries. By 1885, this discovery was discovered by a French psychic. Then 10 years ago Camille Paris archaeologist came to learn about this monument. In 1994, the My Son Sanctuary attracted many researchers and archaeologists to explore the mystery here.

In order to better serve the protection of the relics of My Son Holy Land, contributing to the development of Da Nang tourism, in 1995, the management board of My Son ruins was established. In two years 1998 and 1999 the records submitted to UNESCO for recognition as a World Heritage Site were submitted. In December 1999, the My Son relic was officially recognized as a World Cultural Heritage. My Son is evaluated with two standards that are typical of cultural exchange and integration into indigenous culture.

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My Son is located 70 km from Da Nang​​​​​​​

Geographical location of My Son Holy Land

My Son is located about 70km southwest of Danang city center. Guests can easily travel to this tourist destination by motorbike or taxi. My Son sanctuary hides in a valley 2km in diameter, surrounded by mountains. There is a mountain circuit between 100 - 400m connecting from East Truong Son through My Son to Tra Kieu capital. With majestic mountainous terrain, to My Son Holy Land in addition to visiting the temple deep, visitors also enjoy the fresh air and immersed in the green nature here.

Architectural beauty of My Son Holy Land​​​​​​​

What makes tourists most interested in the beauty of the My Son Da Nang is probably architecture. According to the research results, the first temple in My Son Holy Land was made of wood in the 4th century. It was then rebuilt with brick, with unique construction techniques and still a mystery. . In general, the temples, tombs in My Son Holy Land are the convergence of many different styles. From ancient styles, Hoa Lai, Dong Duong, My Son to Binh Dinh.

My Son consists of many clusters, each cluster has a main temple, surrounded by small towers and auxiliary buildings. In it, the temple represents the center of all things and serves as the sanctuary of Siva. The front of each tower cluster is a gate, followed by the vestibule where the arrangement of the ceremony and traditional singing ceremony. Go inside the temple complex, you will see a project always turned north called Kosa Grha.

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The towers in the relics of My Son Holy Land are pyramid shaped​​​​​​​

The towers in My Son Holy Land have the shape of a pyramid. According to the ancient Cham people, this is the symbol of Mount Meru, the residence of the Hindu gods. If you have ever been to My Son, you will find souvenirs simulating the images of towers in My Son Holy Land are extremely unique made of stone. Visiting this place, In addition to admire many towers with beautiful architecture, visitors also have the opportunity to learn the gods are decorated with many impressive designs.

Coming to My Son Holy Land, visitors can easily encounter decorative details such as flowers, elephants, lions, Kala - Makara, musicians, goddess of the sea, Apsara . This trip to My Son Sanctuary promises to give visitors a new real-world experience in architecture, religion and knowledge of precious history.

If you have the opportunity to Da Nang, travelers take the journey to discover the beauty of My Son Holy land.