Swimming pool

Outdoor Swimming Pool Tamarind Hotel: (Complimentary)

In the midst of the sun, the wind of immense blue sea, salty salt with crystalline salt on the hair, wet skin I just want to mix into the fresh water in the lake, waving to the flow of water unexpected. Tamarind Hotel is ready to help you with this experience!

Outdoor swimming pool is located on the highest floors of the hotel, full view of the sea and the city. This is where the river meets the sea, where the sun and wind play, where you pick up the first ray of sun as the sun begins to rise, watching the moonlight over the waves when the sunset drops. Here, you wear the power struggling in the clear blue water or lightning watching the sky, watching the sea waves and the vibrant life in the streets.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Tamarind Hotel:

  • Length: 20.00 m
  • Width: 5.50 m
  • Depth: 1.45m
  • Capacity: 160 m3
  • Water Treatment System: Ytalia
  • Massage System: Ytalia
  • Oxygen supply system for water: Italia
  • Tank wall: Natural stone
Pleased to welcome you!